Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain


by Cheryl Martin

It’s that time of year again when we will all eat lush holiday meals that are stocked with calories. Most of us will put on an average of 1-3 pounds that can take a long time to shed. But the holiday season does not have to create havoc with your weight. With a little pre-planning, you can enjoy your holiday favorites and still be able to buckle your belt.

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Childhood Ear Infections and Chiropractic

ear-infection Dr. Arianne Weiss

Child ear infections have always been a concern, however, in recent years the growing number of cases and long term affects have greatly increased. According to the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital more than 80% of children under the age of 3 will experience a middle ear infection, commonly known an otitis media infection. Out of these children 50% of them with have three or more ear infections by the time they reach 3 years old. [read more]

Why Choose Angel’s Recovery?


by Ivana Costa

Here, at Angel’s Recovery, we are very careful about the definition of family. Each client presents a different feeling, history and definition of family. Our approach states to each client that this place will be their home for the next couple of days or weeks. They are going to stay here and all peers and staff will be their present family. All the dynamics they have from their original family will show up.
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RONA’S WORLD – Juniper Torres Story

Rona's Worldby Rona Klein

Juniper Torres, owner of Someone’s in the Kitchen Catering, is one lucky lady, all because she listened to her own body. After seeing Dr. Melanie Bone and receiving results in record time from Independent Imaging, a celebration of her life was able to take place at the National Croquet Center with the American Cancer Society, Staci Martin, Brianne Purcell, friends, relatives and others. Juniper,we wish you a long life and happiness! Banzai! [See Gallery]



wellington regional medical center

Reaching new heights in healthcare in the Wellington and Palm Beach communities.

After Olympic equestrian McLain Ward took a bad fall at the Surpass Grand Prix jumping competition, he learned that he had completely shattered his knee and would need orthopedic surgery. He was devastated. How could he recover in time to qualify to compete with the U.S. team at the London Olympics, just a few months away? Fortunately for him, he had been rushed to Wellington Regional Medical Center. While McLain was concerned about the future, his doctors were confident they could repair the damage and let McLain resume his career.

After his surgery, McLain spent eight weeks on crutches and was restricted from putting any weight on his recovering knee. Although it seemed to be a very long eight weeks for him, McLain recovered and was back in the saddle by April.  As he said, “I am very grateful to everyone on my team at Wellington Regional. Thanks to the sophisticated, quality care I received, I not only qualified for the 2012 summer Olympic team, I went on to compete in London.”  [read more]


A Survivor’s Story 

 It was a cardiac emergency that brought Pete Saltonstall and his wife Tacie into Wellington Regional Medical Center. Although Pete had suffered sudden cardiac arrest – one of the leading causes of adult (over age 40) death in the United States – the emergency and cardiac teams were able to save his life.

As Pete said, “Thanks to my wife and the amazing emergency and cardiac teams at Wellington Regional, I’ve got a lot more living to do. In fact, I am living proof that Wellington Regional is the right choice for cardiac and emergency care.” [read more]

AubreyUnbreakable Mom

In 2011, Aubrey Opdyke developed H1N1, a severe variation of swine flu, which progressed into acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).
Her husband called their doctor and took Aubrey to Wellington Regional Medical Center. Aubrey’s lungs became so infected and inflamed that her blood oxygen levels plummeted. When her lungs began failing, Aubrey had to be intubated and put into an induced coma. She spent the next five weeks on a ventilator in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, fighting for her life.

“I’ll never forget those nurses and everything they did for me,” Aubrey said. “And I am eternally grateful to everyone at Wellington Regional for saving my life. My husband and I don’t believe that I would have made it if we had gone to any other hospital. That’s why we returned here to deliver our healthy son in 2012.”  [read more]





Life-threatening Disorder

For Tracy Bartow, Wellington Regional Medical Center saved her life and the life of her child. Sevens months into her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a life-threatening disorder. It is a rapid rise in blood pressure that can lead to seizure, stroke, multiple organ failure and death of the mother or baby.

Tracy and her unborn baby were in trouble, so she and her husband went to Wellington Regional Medical Center. There, she learned that the only available option to save her baby was to induce labor right away.

When baby Kaylee was delivered, she stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NICU.

“Today, Kaylee’s the most spirited, happy and healthy one-year-old we know!” Tracy exclaimed. “She and I return to Wellington Regional often, to visit the nurses and staff that took such good care of us. They have become part of our extended family. I tell everyone they should choose Wellington Regional for childbirth. It’s the best choice and Kaylee and I are living proof!”
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Leptin. Yet another soldier in the battle of the bulge. Let me just preface by saying this was very confusing to me when I began researching the subject. I thought we want more leptin to aid in appetite control. Then I found that most obese people have an overabundance of leptin (which makes sense since fat cells secrete leptin). So… we want less leptin? But we need leptin in order to stop eating? Which is it? Is leptin good or bad? The answer is complicated. [read more]


Should I Shave?

Smooth, hairless skin should be a part of every woman’s beauty regime. With a plethora of choices available for hair removal, choosing one can seem overwhelming. Many women simply stick to shaving because it seems to be the most familiar option. However, shaving often leads to razor burn, cuts, or ingrown hairs, none of which are attractive. It also takes a significant amount of time, with hair regrowth taking place quickly causing some women to shave every day.  [read more]

massage for kids

Healing Benefits to Kids Getting a Regular Massage

Get a massage for my child? Are you kidding? What are the benefits of massage in children, one might ask. Think about the world we live in today, and consider the stressors affecting children. For Centuries, the effects of massage have been shown to benefit individuals to improve mood, physical and emotional well -being. Those same effects hold true for children.  [read more]


Stressed Out?

There are multiple definitions of stress, but I felt this to meet my understanding of stress the best. A physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation. [read more]

Children Vaccination

Vaccination Protection for Our Youngest

Pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial infection. World- wide it affects almost 50 million people per year and is responsible for 300,000 deaths per year. It’s incidence in the U.S. is alarmingly increasing. This is secondary to waning immunity after vaccination, lack of booster vaccinations or refusal of vaccinations.  [read more]